Free Christian Growth Resources to Strengthen Your Faith and Fulfill Your Purpose

Becoming an Enthusiastic Church will help you find your purpose. It explains how you and your church can grow in eight dimensions of loving relationships.


Click for free evangelism resources, free Christian discipleship resources, and free Christian leadership resources. You may reproduce them but not sell them. My book, His Power for your Weakness, will help you grow spiritually through 260 devotionals and reading through the New Testament. Pastors used it to disciple more than 2,000 people in Malawi and Mozambique in 2022.


What People Say

  • I can honestly say that I have not known a more genuine person. Jack has been my teacher, friend, and pastor. His teaching and example have had such a positive impact on me. He taught me to look for observations (just the facts) and applications (how do I apply this in my life today?) when studying the Bible. His gentle, truthful approach is so precious. His resources are absolutely like finding gold. --Lori K.

  • I've wanted to connect with you for some time. The book you wrote about NCD [Becoming an Enthusiastic Church] is in a word--incredibly insightful! (I know, that's two words). Your book bridges the gap between NCD theory and application. What a resource! --Pastor Brian O

  • Pastor Jack Selcher’s "Becoming an Enthusiastic Church" is a wonderful tool for the pastor or church leadership either struggling to restore a lost enthusiasm that once existed in their church or trying to maintain a level of enthusiasm that makes a church exciting. --Pastor Steve Stillman, Director of the Western Region Churches of God, General Conference