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As plants grow and reproduce, Christians can too.

Learn the ABC of Christian Growth and Find Your Purpose

I am Pastor Jack Selcher. Welcome to my website. May it bring you joy and purpose. All website material is free to use, but please do not commercially distribute it.

This website can help you grow up spiritually. Be patient. It takes time. It requires God's strength,  wisdomand anchors in the storms of life.

Learn how to be a godly church leader. Find out how you and your church can become more enthusiastic

Evangelism flows best through healthy relationships. Telling your spiritual story impacts your friends and family.

The ABC of evangelism shows you how to tell it. It explains how to prepare for evangelism and start spiritual conversations and the basics of evangelism. 

Discipleship is important. It helps you avoid stumbling. It enables you to grow up in your faith. 

It feeds your faith and others' faith. Use the Spiritual Health Assessment to see how you are doing.

These resources give you a plan. You serve God by sharing Jesus, growing in Him, and leading others as you go.  

Three New Free eBooks are now available: His Anchors for Your Storms, The Bible on Faith, and His Wisdom for Your Journey

Discover These Resources

  1. Discipleship Books Free Download enables you to download seven free eBooks to help you grow as a Christian. Pastors in Africa have used one of them, His Power for Your Weakness,  to help 4,491 people grow in their faith in the last three years. More than 2,400 people in their classes have decided for the first time to follow Jesus. 

  2. Take the Spiritual Health Assessment. It will identify your spiritual strengths and weaknesses. I suggest a plan to improve your weakest area. 

  3. Read the latest blog post based on God's word. I publish two blogs each week. 

  4. Learn how to tell your spiritual story, part of the ABCs of evangelism.

  5. Learn to influence others to become more like Jesus. Discover a church assimilation strategy to keep them in His church. 

  6. Use the Christian leadership resources. They will develop your leadership abilities in your church.

Read the Latest Blog Posts

What People Say

I have not known a more genuine person. Jack has been my teacher, friend, and pastor. His teaching and example have had such a positive impact on me.

He taught me to look for observations (just the facts) and applications (how do I apply this in my life today?) when studying the Bible. His gentle, truthful approach is so precious.


His resources are absolutely like finding gold. --Lori K.


I've wanted to connect with you for some time. The book you wrote about Natural Church Development [Becoming an Enthusiastic Church] is, in a word--incredibly insightful!


Your book bridges the gap between NCD theory and application. What a resource! --Pastor Brian O. ​


Pastor Jack Selcher’s Becoming an Enthusiastic Church is a wonderful tool. It will help the pastor or church leaders struggling to restore a lost enthusiasm that once existed in their church. It will help church leaders to maintain enthusiasm as well. --Pastor Steve S.

His Power for Your Weakness has all the elements to advance the believer in discipleship. It is far more than a devotional.

While many seek daily bread, this is meat and potatoes. I look forward to being able to share it with those who serve the Church. --Pastor           Doug N.

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