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Evangelism frees people who live in darkness. It ushers them into the kingdom of light. 

What Is the Main Purpose of Evangelism?

Why should we evangelize? Think evangelism isn’t our job is more comfortable. We hesitate to persuade people to change their minds. Their beliefs are a personal matter.

We believe we don’t know enough about the Bible to share the gospel accurately. We might mess it up badly. We’ll turn off people forever.


God cares about lost people (Luke 15). Shouldn’t we care about them, also? His compassion for lost people should rub off on us, His worshipers. We are to become like Him.


Jesus cared about lost people. At the end of His earthly life, He commissioned His followers to proclaim the good news. To call on people to respond.

He sent the Holy Spirit to equip us. He sends us on a mission we’d otherwise find impossible.


We who are already members of the kingdom are Christ’s only way to extend it. Our permissive society assumes that it doesn’t matter what we believe. All will be okay in the end. But Jesus says it will not be okay.


He informs us that we’re either members of His kingdom or not. If we’re not reconciled with God, we’re rebels. We’re either lost or found.

In the wedding feast or outer darkness. Building our lives on Him and His teaching or building on sand.

For Him or against Him. Goats or sheep. On the bonfire or in the barn. On the broad path leading to destruction or the

narrow way leading to life.


We help people blinded by the enemy’s lies to see the truth. Through a holy life, fervent prayer, and a humble-bold witness. We most effectively reach people we already know.


We're a link on the chain of people and events that God uses to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We're usually not the first or last link on the chain.


What is personal evangelism? Following Jesus includes sharing what He means to us. How He has changed us, and how others can know Him too. These resources and strategies are yours to use but not to sell.

Evangelism Tools


ABC of Evangelism explains two things to know and two things to do to know Jesus personally. It is evangelism 101. I learned it over 50 years ago. I have used it often to summarize the gospel in a few minutes.​

Jesus said, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19). The Evangelism pages explain the evangelistic challenge. They draw on my more than 50 years of fishing experience to explain how to fish for people. There are many parallels.

It also guides you in developing your spiritual story. You share how Jesus has made a difference in your life with others.

It includes How to Prepare for EvangelismBasics of Evangelism. Spiritual Receptivity. Practical Evangelism. Spiritual Readiness. How to Start Spiritual ConversationsMy Spiritual Journey. In God's Perfect Time. Faith Sharing. New Believer Follow Up.


The Evangelism Section includes a ​six-part small group study. You can also use it to strengthen the faith of believers.

It considers our being created for a purpose. Jesus' uniqueness. The trustworthiness of the Bible. The difference among religions. The failure of human goodness to satisfy God's holy requirements. What it means to believe in God. 

Faith Resources

Learn how to improve your faith to reach others and lead in the church with these resources.


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