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Discipleship Books Free Download

Jesus teaching his disciples

1. His Power for Your Weakness: 260 Steps Toward Spiritual Strength 

How This Book Will Benefit You

Many sermons zing over the heads of the people in the pews. They are hard to understand and even harder to apply and quickly forgotten.

I am not a spell-binding preacher, but I was encouraged when a man at a church where I was a guest speaker in 1985 said, "I am a farmer, and I understood every word you said!" That is my goal. His comment made my day. 

This book is an ABC of Christian growth that helps you understand who God is, what He expects, and how to fulfill His purpose for your life.

It summarizes what I have learned in 50 years as a Christian and 40 years as a pastor. It contains 260 devotionals, each with a life application.

Titles include "When the Mouse Thinks It's a Cat," "Disturbing Grace," and "How to Make a Difference Tomorrow." This book is accessible and reproducible. I am trying to make a difference, not a buck.

Mary Clouser wrote, "The book relates everyday situations to the Bible. It affirms that Christ is always with us, even when we mess up.

It shows that I’m not alone in making mistakes and inspires me to improve. His reference to Biblical scripture fortifies what he is saying in his book.

His messages are often just what I need for something I’m going through that day. It’s a straightforward read and easy to understand. I highly recommend this book." 


A sample of the book.

Download His Power for Your Weakness.

2. 31 Steps Toward Spiritual Maturity 

How This Book Will Benefit You

 Until I was twenty, my "Christian life" was confined to a Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening pew. When I walked out of the church's door, I left it there. It didn't influence the remaining 165 hours of each week. They were mine to do as I pleased.

I did not spend time reading the Bible. Bible study was confined to Sunday school. I knew nothing about spiritual growth or spiritual maturity. I thought all I had to do was attend church to be a Christian.


I became a Christian when I was twenty. People from the Navigators and Campus Crusade for Christ (now Cru) taught me to follow Jesus. They changed my life for the better.

31 Steps Toward Spiritual Maturity begins with assurance of salvation. It moves toward increasing commitment to Jesus. It equips you to minister to others. Use this eBook to learn or teach others the basics of the faith.

A sample of the book.

Download 31 Steps to Spiritual Maturity.

3. Becoming an Enthusiastic Church

How This Book Will Benefit You

Imagine your church as enthusiastic about the things of God as fans are about their Superbowl favorite. Envision your church pulsing with the exuberance of its first year of existence. Picture returning to the zeal of your first love for God.

It can happen. There are eight bellows for the flames of enthusiasm. Small groups. Leadership, Relationships. Spirituality. Worship services. Evangelism. Ministry. Church organization. Discover how to make each healthier.

They are eight sparkling facets of the diamond of love for God and others. Need-meeting churches are enthusiastic.

This eBook has numerous illustrations and applications. It gives church leaders tools and blueprints. It helps them provide a healthy atmosphere where Jesus Christ can build His church more effectively.

Learn to apply God's wisdom principles to decision-making. This book is for all Christians serious about loving God and others better, not just for Christian leaders.


A sample of the book.

Download Becoming an Enthusiastic Church.

4. Learn to Lead

How This Book Will Benefit You

Many people have led me without realizing it. They have shaped me through their written and spoken words, attitudes, and actions. Leading is influencing others, and almost everyone impacts someone.

The issue is not whether we are leading others. It is how we are directing them and in what direction. Are they more like Jesus because of us, or are they more firmly entrenched in their rebellion against Him because of our influence?

The character of leaders matters. The media report character blowouts repeatedly on the local, state, and national political and religious stages. Other things being equal, the more like Jesus a leader is, the better. Jesus is the gold standard of leadership.

This book focuses on the character, knowledge, and skills of Christian leaders. Secular leadership heroes usually march to a different beat.


They crave physical pleasure and whatever they see and take great pride in their possessions and achievements (1 John 2:16). This book will help you become a more Jesus-like influencer.

A sample of the book.

Download Learn to Lead.

5. When You Don't Know What to Do

How This Book Will Benefit You

When the storms of life descend out of the blue, we need anchors to steady us against their onslaught. This eBook suggests seven of them.


We set our anchors in God and His Son. The latter includes remaining in and following Jesus. We anchor in God's Spirit and in the gospel. Anchoring in the gospel includes embracing and demonstrating it and rejecting false gospels.


We anchor in serving others by serving humbly, lovingly, persistently, strategically, corporately, and sacrificially. We anchor in the truth by growing in it, escaping the darkness, applying and living the truth, and worshipping and leading in truth. Finally, we anchor in hope and joy.

Download When You Don't Know What to Do

6. His Wisdom for Your Journey

How This Book Will Benefit You


Wisdom is more than practical solutions to the problems of life, like how to grow bigger tomatoes or fix a car that is not working.  Biblical wisdom is a skill in godly living. Its huge arms embrace all of life. The truly wise demonstrate wisdom by what they say and how they live. 

The book of Proverbs paints a picture of a wise, godly person. This eBook identifies 47 characteristics of such a person. Only Jesus fully exhibits all of them. But this portrait gives us a God-approved way of life to which we can aspire. 


Download His Wisdom for Your Journey.

7. The Bible on Faith

How This Book Will Benefit You


Without faith we cannot please God (Hebrews 11:6). Faith reveals itself through its actions.

It comes from God and is a major player in His Universe. He responds to, stretches, and tests it.

Faith is vulnerable and must grow. Discover signs of growing faith and how to grow and defend your and others' faith.


Download The Bible on Faith.

Besides free books, this site offers free evangelism, discipleship, and leadership materials to help you grow your faith:

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