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Put your life in God's hands. This eBook will help you to grow through 260 devotionals and New Testament readings. Twenty-nine African pastors have used it to disciple 5,016 people in the last three years.

When unforeseen hurricanes rock your life’s ship, where do you find stability?  This eBook distills 236 life-steadying lessons I have learned from 55 years of walking with Jesus. May God use them to encourage you so that you can bless and encourage others.

This eBook explains the basic steps to spiritual growth. Explore thirty-one core topics to advance in your faith. For each issue, you will develop an action plan. Learn how to grow from a Christian newbie to a humble example of faith. 

Help your church become enthusiastic. This eBook helps you examine your church, identify problem areas, and jumpstart necessary changes.

You’ll also improve the way your church systems support each other. The goal is to become a healthy and reproducing church.

This eBook explains how God wants you to lead. You can learn to lead the church by developing your character, knowledge, and skills. 

This eBook explains 47 dimensions of biblical wisdom in Proverbs. That wisdom is a skill in godly living. 

The Bible on Faith

This eBook explains what faith is and why it is a major player in God's Universe.

This site offers more than just free books. Learn about how to grow as a Christian, understand how to witness to your friends and family, and learn the basics of discipleship. With these building blocks, you can learn how to use your faith to become a church leader.

Book Testimonials


His Power for Your Weakness: 260 Steps Toward Spiritual Strength

  • OH MY! I LOVE IT! I really do. Thanks for sharing it with me. --Pastor Antoine L.

  • I have enjoyed looking through your book. I think what you have is a really wonderful resource. I find it interesting to read a chapter moving through the New Testament each day, even if it doesn't specifically tie into that day's devotional reading. --Pastor Judd S.


  • It is really inspiring. People say they cannot stop reading. It has been helping us to understand God. The more we read, the more we understand the word of Almighty God.

      Reading your literature influenced our lives. We do it with great pleasure because it is also interesting. -- Pastor Alex B. (Malawi)

  • This book has all the elements to advance the believer in discipleship. It is far more than a devotional. While many seek daily bread, this is meat and potatoes. I look forward to being able to share it with those who serve the Church. --Pastor Doug N.

Becoming an Enthusiastic Church 

  • I've wanted to connect with you for some time. The book you wrote about Natural Church Development [Becoming an Enthusiastic Church] is, in a word--incredibly insightful!

       Your book bridges the gap between NCD theory and application. What a resource. --Pastor Brian O. ​

  • Pastor Jack Selcher’s Becoming an Enthusiastic Church is a wonderful tool. It will help the pastor or church leaders struggling to restore a lost enthusiasm that once existed in their church. It will help church leaders to maintain enthusiasm as well. --Pastor Steve S.

  • This book provides a process. It can help a congregation assess where it is. Develop its mission. ​Envision where it believes God wants it to go. Make changes to become what God intended. --Dr. David D.

  • Selcher has thrown down the gauntlet of enthusiastic (God-filled) body life in the most practical and comprehensive guidebook available on church development. --Dr. M. John N.

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