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Spiritual Health Assessment is a free Christian discipleship resources that supplements Becoming an Enthusiastic Church and measures your spiritual maturity. You will react to 18 statements that gauge to what extent you are living like a believer. The results will enable you to identify the next step to take to become more like Jesus.


0 = rarely/not at all; 1 = sometimes; 2 = usually; 3 = almost always/always

Please respond to each statement honestly with the number that best describes you (0, 1, 2, or 3)

___I look forward to reading the Bible daily.

___I look forward to spending time with God in prayer daily.

___One day each week I recharge through God-centered activities that energize me.

___I forgive, pray for, and ask God to bless those who have hurt me.

___I spend at least four hours each week feeding my spiritual life and serving God by serving others.

___Using my gifts and abilities to serve God through a specific ministry in my church gives me joy.

___I generously and cheerfully support the Lord's work financially.

___I daily allow God to love others through me.

___Each week I could write at least one way I sacrificed to meet someone’s need.

___Each week I could write at least one way I loved another believer as Jesus loves me.

___I promote the gospel by praying for the salvation of lost persons by name, living a Christ-centered life, praising God enthusiastically in our worship service, giving financially to support evangelism, and being prepared to share my hope in Christ with others who ask about it.

___I look forward to and attend the worship service every week.

___Weekly, I actively participate in at least 1 small group (includes Sunday school).

___Gratitude motivates me to serve God.

___I feel a deep need for God's grace every day.

___I balance speaking the truth and speaking it with love.
___I give regularly to meet the needs of the poor.

___ I am helping one or more other people become more like Jesus.

____ Total score

Spiritual Health Score = total of all statement values divided by 18

My Spiritual Health Score =

Work first on improving the one or two areas with the lowest scores. The goal is to have all 18 items at 2 (usually) or 3 (almost always/always).  Pursue continual improvement.

See Spiritual Health Helps for suggestions to strengthen each of the 18 areas.

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