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Your Influence (Part 1)

An hour before I awoke on December 10, 2012, I had a series of brief dreams. I usually don’t remember dreams, and they’re usually not back-to-back-to-back. Their theme was that I was influencing persons unknowingly. People (I didn’t know) in the dreams said they were imitating me. The shock was they were imitating traits I didn’t even know I had. Did you get that? People I didn’t know were imitating traits I didn’t know I had. That’s wild. God was teaching me about influence. Another experience comes to mind.

I attended a discipleship conference in South Carolina. On December 15, 2011, a person on Mike Breen’s staff prayed for me. Before he did, he said the Lord had given him a mental picture. It was an old-fashioned pump from which water had sporadically poured in the past. He said that in the future water would gush extravagantly, flooding everything around it. He said he didn’t know what that meant. Almost instantly, I did.

God was encouraging me that my influence for Him would be greater in the future than it had been in the past. The discipleship conference was great, but I’ll never forget that picture of the pump. There’s no reason that the same “prophecy” can’t be true about you! Virtually every day now I pray, “May rivers of living water flow from me today” (John 7:38). I invite you to do the same!

So, what’s this thing we call influence? At its core it’s leadership. Everyone influences someone. No one influences everyone. You lead through your words, attitudes and actions. The closer your relationship with another person, the deeper your influence is. It may be only a brick or two in the wall of life of someone you know casually. It could be hundreds of bricks in the walls of those you know best. Depending on your station in life, the width of your influence varies tremendously. Other things being equal, a pastor of a church of 1000 influences twenty times more persons than a pastor of a church of 50.

However, if there’s a young Billy Graham in that church of 50, its pastor might have a greater long-term influence than the pastor of the larger church. That’s because the length of your influence is forever. It continues even when you’re under the hill. Unlike you, it never dies.

It’s like a baton that passes silently from person to person in your generation and through time from generation to generation. People continue to react to words, attitudes and actions they observe in others who saw them in others… who saw them in you. Of course, what they saw in you didn’t originate in you. You might have been a blessing to them, but our Father in heaven is the ultimate source of every good and perfect gift they’ve seen in you (James 1:17).

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