• Jack Selcher

When Your Last Day Meets Your First Day

If you weren’t pressured to stuff a quart of limited, precious life into a pint container, how would that change your attitude in slow traffic or long lines? If you knew you’d live 1000 years, how would that affect your perspective on how much time you have to serve others?

Dead end living squeezes every drop of enjoyment from the sponge of life before the road ends. It smells all the flowers and picks all the berries along the road that might end just over the hill. It has no hope of life beyond the grave. It views death as a period, a full stop, not a comma. It recoils from everything that wastes time.

How would your earthly perspective change if you knew your last day on earth will merge seamlessly into your first day of forever? It will. Are you prepared for life beyond the grave? Jesus links our eternal destiny with our sacrifices for others during our earthly existence (Matthew 25:31-46). Those who fill their earthly lives with ministry to the needs of others will receive an inheritance prepared for them since the world’s creation (Matthew 25:34). While serving the lowly and least on earth, they were unknowingly serving their King (Matthew 25:40).

By contrast, those preoccupied with themselves on earth and trying to squeeze all the enjoyment from life they could have a different fate. They didn’t serve their King when they didn’t serve the lowly and least. The King sends them away to eternal punishment (Matthew 25:46). Faith in Christ that saves changes character and conduct and produces love that serves others. Along life’s road they pick berries for others to eat and flowers for them to smell. Are you preparing for forever? #freechristianleadershipresources #freechristiandiscipleshipresources #freeevangelismresources

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