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Walking with God

Happiness is…. We all complete that sentence differently. In general, we’re happy when we get what we want. But getting what we want doesn’t satisfy us for long. It often isn’t good for us—especially for the long road. For example, a second dessert makes us happy temporarily, but it contributes to the doctor’s scowl when we have our next physical examination. Walking with God provides happiness that has staying power and eternal benefits.

The doctor said that my skin cancer was gone. That was a happy day! Forgiveness is to sin what spot remover is to clothes stains. God says that our sin cancer is gone for those who walk with Him. Happier day! He takes it up and carries it away beyond the furthest galaxy (Psalm 103:3, 11,12).

In the Old Testament God forgave sin because of Christ’s final sacrifice yet to come. What a blessing when God doesn’t charge sin to our account. Yippee! That blessing should make us happy enough to be envied every day forever! But there’s more.

God lifts from us the crushing weight of our guilt when we confess our sins (verse 5). In the New Testament confession means agreeing with God that our words, deeds, or thoughts have been sinful. It includes changing our attitude toward our sins. We no longer justify or rationalize them. When we truly confess our sins, God sends our guilt with them beyond the furthest star. Yippee! Happy day! But there’s more.

Our fears disappear when we trust God as our refuge and protection. He’s the only refuge that won’t let us down (verse 7). Other sources of security (food, money, alcohol, etc.) aren’t worthy of our trust. Following God’s ways keeps us out of most of the trouble we’d otherwise get into. God is a fear blotter. Yippee! Happy day! But there’s more.

Our teacher is the architect, creator, and sustainer of the universe. Things and circumstances don’t tumble into our lives without rhyme or reason. The Master Teacher controls them. He is intimately involved with each of His students (verse 8). Our responsibility is to use the knowledge He imparts to choose the right path. We couldn’t have a better teacher. Yippee! Happy day! But there’s more.

The wicked trudge through life with the mental anguish of a stabbing conscience. By contrast, those of us who trust in God live securely. God’s unfailing love surrounds us. Yippee. Happy Day! Happiness is—walking with God!

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