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Two Paths

The Stable Path

If we keep listening to evil advice, we’ll eventually live as evil people do. They’ll tempt us to adopt the most fatal of evil attitudes, mocking. In the Old Testament, the mocker was the farthest of all evil people from repentance.

On the other hand, blessed, being so happy as to be envied, describes those who detour around the evil path. In the Old Testament blessed is always associated with doing something. In verse 1, it’s choosing to avoid evil.

Avoiding evil is essential but not enough. We must delight ourselves in what’s good. Others know us by our delights. Moses was known as a man of God (Ezra 3:2). Are we known as people of God because we delight in and meditate upon the law of the Lord? In addition to avoiding evil, we must delight in and mediate upon the law of the Lord to prosper.

God wants the highest and best for us. His word informs us how to live with one another. It tells us how to approach Him who can meet our every need. Those who delight in it are never put to shame.

We must think hard about God’s ways. They, not the advice of the wicked, must shape our thinking and living. Meditation equips us to make our earthly lives count for eternity.

The stability and prosperity of those who walk in God’s ways are like a tree firmly planted by the rivers of water. It’s planted where it is to yield its unique fruit in its unique time. We’re to bear the fruit of the Spirit uniquely.

To prosper is to fulfill God’s purpose. It’s to be like an oak planted near the water that produces attractive fruit. Let’s prosper where God plants us. We’re all necessary. Our fruit is equally important. It attracts our children and others to Christ and His church.

The Unstable Path

The ungodly are like worthless chaff the wind drives away. They’re without root or fruit, devoid of life, the prey of the slightest breeze, blown about like tumbleweeds. They’re unstable. They’re wasting their lives.

The ungodly must live with the eternal consequences of choosing the unstable path. In the judgment, they’ll be without excuse. They’ll have no place with God’s people.

The Paths Part

Verse 6 describes the parting of the path of the righteous and the path of the wicked. The Lord watches over the way of the righteous. He’s their goal and guide. Where He leads, they follow. He’s the picture. They’re the frame. They set off the picture and draw attention to it. By contrast, the wicked wander endlessly in their own way. Ultimately, that way leads to destruction.

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