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The Church Puzzle Parable (Part 3 of 3)

Church puzzle pieces have a limited life expectancy. They must be replaced over time or a local church will cease to exist. There is a best way to add puzzle pieces to the puzzle piece box. That’s to meet the felt needs of those who are not yet part of the church. Some whose needs are met will become future church members and leaders. The church helps new members mature spiritually. It empowers them to meet the needs of others.

Three different groups of people are potentially replacement pieces in the church puzzle-box. They’re not yet in the church puzzle. The first group consists of believers in Jesus who already attend church services. They’re not regularly ministering to others through ministries of the word or service. If you’re in this group, allow God to use you as He desires. Ask a spiritual leader to help you find your place in ministry based on your spiritual gift(s), spiritual passion, and personality.

Seekers who are already attending church services compose the second group. They’re not yet believers in Jesus Christ but are seeking truth. Jesus is that truth (John 14:6). If you’re in that group, God calls you to turn from living for yourself. He invites you to live for Him and to receive His gift of forgiveness, eternal life, and power. All of these are wrapped up in the Person of Jesus. You can receive Him through the following prayer. The words aren’t magic. They just indicate a heart that is ready to follow Jesus. “Lord Jesus I need You. I know I am a sinner who deserves Your condemnation. Thank You for taking my place on the cross. I open the door of my life to You. I receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins and making me a child of God. Help me find my place in the church puzzle.” Tell a spiritual leader about your decision. Ask how you can grow in your relationship with Christ.

A third group of pieces in the box represents people who haven’t yet received Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. They aren’t attending any church. The church has been commissioned to reach them. Prayer and intentional strategies are both required to do so. By God’s grace, next year at this time some of them will be part of the puzzle too!

In review, it takes many pieces to make a complete church puzzle. Every piece of the church puzzle is necessary. Church puzzle pieces have a limited life expectancy. They must be replaced over time or a local church will cease to exist. #freechristiandiscipleshipresources #freeevangelismresources


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