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Standing Firm in the Faith

In 1758, Robert Robinson wrote, “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, prone to leave the God I love" in his hymn, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. How can we stand firm in the faith when forces inside and outside of us try to rip us away from God? I suggest four stabilizing principles.

Principle One

The first principle is that even in painful trials, we can trust God is in control for our good. It takes humility to see it. We don’t have the lead part on this stage of life. God does. We’re only fooling ourselves if our head swells because we’ve received some prestigious award, position, or praise.

Humbling ourselves under God’s mighty hand means submitting to Him who controls our circumstances. Nothing touches us without first passing through His hand. Even dark valleys of intense suffering are part of his inscrutable master plan. God is in control on the mountains and in the valleys of life. Let’s not doubt in the darkness what He’s revealed to us in the light.

Principle Two

The second principle is to rest our anxieties by casting our cares on the Lord. It’s hard. Sometimes, it seems our hearts are cast iron and our cares are magnetized. We think we’ve cast them on the Lord, and then they jump right back.

Casting our cares on the Lord requires humility because we must accept that God allows our difficulties for our good. We must trust ourselves and our troubles to the One who is concerned about both. If we don’t, fear (unbelief in disguise) will sap our strength, imprison us, and paralyze us.

Principle Three

The third principle is to resist our accusing enemy, the devil. He seeks to undermine our confidence, silence our confession, challenge our beliefs, and sow discord among believers. He often uses the destructive criticism of those inside the church to devour by accusation. We must resist the temptation to be his mouthpiece. To do so, we must be alert and self-controlled. Self-control results from yielding our will to the Holy Spirit’s control (Galatians 5:22–23).

Principle Four

The fourth principle is to let God’s grace empower us. The one who’s against us is nothing compared to the One who’s for us. The God of all grace will supply the help we need for every occasion. We’re as strong as what we commit ourselves to. If we trust in our strength, our life will be fruitless and eventually go to pieces. If we trust in God, we’ll stand firm despite earthly suffering. God promises He’ll be present. He’ll intervene to make us “strong, firm and steadfast” (verse 10, NIV). There’s no “wandering” in those words. God powers the fruitful Christian life. Let’s not settle for a frustrating self-propelled life that doesn’t satisfy us or benefit either God or people.


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