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Dr. Peter Drucker said, “Once the facts are clear, the decisions jump out at you.”1 Wise decision-makers collect pertinent facts. Felix did that. He listened to the testimonies of Tertullus and Paul.

Tertullus said Paul was a threat to the peace Rome desired, a ringleader of the Nazarenes, and a profaner of the Temple. No witnesses verified his charges. None could. Paul insisted he wasn’t guilty of rebellion.

Felix recognized this was a religious dispute. He got the facts but didn’t act on them responsibly. He cared more about keeping his position than a just decision to release Paul. He delayed the decision. He kept Paul in protective custody. During that time, Felix sent for Paul to hear about his faith in Christ.

Paul spoke of righteousness, self-control, and judgment. Righteousness is God’s gift credited to the account of all who trust in Christ. It’s also a virtue. It becomes increasingly obvious as believers in Jesus mature in the faith.

Self-control is a by-product of faith in Christ. Drusilla and Felix had little of it. She’d broken a previous marriage to marry Felix. The topic made them uncomfortable.

Paul talked about a coming day of judgment. The thought of giving account of his life to God terrified Felix. He heard facts about Christianity. They made him squirm.

Many people don’t understand Christianity. They practice religious distancing. Did you know 96 million people in the United States claim no religious affiliation? It’s increased 6 percent in the last five years.2 They reject Christianity because of the off-putting behavior of professing Christians. Its teachings are out of step with modern cultural values. Indeed, they are. That doesn’t prove they’re wrong.

Do you know the biblical facts that enable you to live a victorious and fruitful life? Spiritual wisdom requires acting on these facts despite fear of failure, of change or of the unknown.

You overcome fear by trusting God enough to do what you fear. Fear is the highest hurdle to clear to bear much fruit that will remain. Trust God for strength to do what you know you should despite fear.

Felix’s response to the facts Paul shared: “That’s enough for now! You may leave. When I find it convenient, I will send for you” (Acts 24:25). Spiritual wisdom has no convenient time. God and people will remember how fully you loved, how boldly you shared your faith, and how freely you shared your resources with others.

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