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Spiritual Journey Tracker

Check each statement that’s true of you and work on the ones that aren’t (https://www.christiangrowthresources.com/spiritual-health-helps)

__ I have assurance of salvation.

__ I know how to deal with sin in my life.

__ I’ve been baptized.

__ I read the Scriptures and pray at least 5 days/week.

__ I regularly participate in a small group meeting.

__ I look forward to worshiping with my church family regularly.

__ I am filled with the Holy Spirit.

__ I show evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in my life.

__ I demonstrates love for God and others by self-sacrificial service.

__ I pray regularly for the salvation of unsaved friends and relatives.

__ I forgive those who have hurt me.

__ I’ve joined the church.

__ I feel a deep need for God’s grace daily.

__ I serve God out of gratitude.

__ I generously and cheerfully spend my time, talents and treasures for God.

__ I help meet the needs of the poor.

__ I speak the truth with love.

__ I’ve shared my personal faith story with a non-Christian.

__ I’ve read the entire New Testament.

__ I’ve led another person to faith in Christ.

__ I’ve followed up a brand new believer.

__ I’ve read the entire Old Testament.

__ I minister to others based on my passion, temperament, spiritual gifts, and skills.

__ I help others become more like Jesus.

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