• Jack Selcher

Show Me Your Disciples

“Show Me your disciples,” the LORD said to Bill during his Judgment Seat review.

“I went to church almost every Sunday for sixty years,” said Bill.

“I know what you did every second of your life,” said the LORD, “Show Me your disciples.”

“I often helped out at the food bank,” said Bill, “and we fed a lot of people.”

“Feeding people should have been part of making disciples,” said the LORD, “Show Me your disciples.”

“I gave generously every Sunday,” said Bill.

“I know exactly how much you gave” said the LORD, “Show Me your disciples.”

“I served on the church board for twenty years,” Bill said.

The LORD said, “I gave you that opportunity to empower the whole church to expand My kingdom by making disciples. Making disciples has been the goal from the beginning. Show Me your disciples.”

The LORD continued, “I commanded you to make disciples of all people groups (Matthew 28:18-20).

Following Jesus included completing your part in the disciple-making task. Feeding people was a caring bridge to win their trust and ultimately lead them to faith and spiritual maturity. Giving was the natural response to all I have given you. Part of giving should have been sharing the difference I made in your life. Serving on the church board was an opportunity to organize and lead the congregation in the disciple-making mission. Show me those whom you have influenced to make Jesus the hub of their lives. Show Me your disciples.”

That scenario is convicting, is it not? When we are superficial Christians, we are blind to our purpose. Thinking we are saved so we can go to heaven when we die is a serious error. We are on earth to make disciples motivated by love for God and others. Do you know how to do that? Christian Growth Resources provides free evangelism resources, free Christian discipleship resources and free Christian leadership resources to help. I challenge you to use them so you will not be ashamed if you hear, “Show Me your disciples.” #freechristiandiscipleshipresources #freeevangelismresources #freechristianleadershipresources

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