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Salvation's Present Benefits

In Jesus Christ, God entered the world in human form. Jesus’ resurrection, a fact of history, proves He is God. Saving faith, however, goes beyond agreeing with the facts of history. “Believe” in verse eight is present tense. Belief is not like throwing a stone into a pond once two years ago. Over and done. Belief is an ongoing, unswerving trust in God’s character and promises that affects our lives now and forever.

Jesus pointed to the blessings of believing for those who had never seen Him. “Then Jesus told him, ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed’” (John 20:29, NIV). Trusting Jesus’ promise to save us injects our soul with life, love, and joy. We love Him because He first loved us. He demonstrated His love by dying for us. We rejoice because of the glorious future we have with Him. We are experiencing some of the positive results of our faith here and now, but not yet in their fullness.

My family lived for a time in a rural parsonage. When the washing machine and the water in the kitchen were running, the stream of water in the bathroom was only pencil-diameter size. Nevertheless, it could satisfy our thirst. So it is with the hope, love, and joy of the living waters of salvation which in the world to come will be Niagara Falls-like torrents.

The prophets foresaw some but not all aspects of the great salvation which we have experienced. They wrote of a grace (undeserved favor) that was to come to us (verse 10). They did not understand how. They longed to know when the Messiah would arrive and the events surrounding that coming. None of them could put it all together. Yet, through the Spirit of Christ in them, they prophesied both the sufferings and glories of Christ (verse 11). They knew the glories would follow the sufferings.

The gospels reveal those sufferings include Jesus’ own people hating Him, a friend betraying Him, His disciples forsaking Him, and the Romans scourging and crucifying Him. His glories include His transfiguration, resurrection, glorious return, and eternal reign.

The last part of verse twelve reveals that angels are intensely interested in human salvation. They cannot experience it. But they put themselves out to get a better understanding of it. How much more should we strive to get the firmest possible grip on it. We enjoy salvation’s present benefits through applying God’s word to our lives, prayer, worshipping together, and serving God and others.

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