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Relating to Jesus

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Jesus withdrew from Capernaum to the Sea of Galilee (Mark 3:7). The crowds easily found Him. They came from as far as 100 miles away to be healed. They didn’t understand His identity and mission. They cared more about their physical well-being than in repentance, faith, and self-denial.

Most church folks prefer a skin-deep relationship with Jesus that doesn’t much affect what they say and do. Other things are more important. Jesus’ fans make no kingdom impact. His followers do.

Not everyone who agrees that Jesus is the Son of God pleases Him. Jesus hushed the demons in Mark 3:12 because their confession was head knowledge without commitment. Such confession is worthless. A head knowledge faith is like possessing fool’s gold and thinking you’re rich.

Disciples develop their potential by following Jesus. Jesus began His worldwide outreach program by appointing twelve zeroes to be with Him (Mark 3:14). They had neither education nor experience. In 3.5 years He took them from zeroes to heroes by spending time with them. You become an effective disciple by spending time with Jesus in prayer and in His word and by spending time with more mature Christians who are living out their faith. That’s how your kingdom building potential becomes reality.

Mark 3:19 suggests Jesus returned with His disciples to Capernaum. There, Jewish legal specialists tried to discredit His obvious miracle-working. They accused Him of being possessed by an unclean spirit and cooperating with Satan to cast out demons.

Jesus said that if Satan opposed himself, he’d destroy himself (Mark 3:26). He pointed out the seriousness of attributing the work of God’s Spirit to Satan. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin. By calling light darkness, the scribes consciously, repeatedly, and deliberately rejected Jesus’ saving power. Their granite hearts and settled resistance didn’t let Jesus’ message penetrate. They weren’t concerned about the unpardonable sin. If you are, you haven’t committed it!

Jesus’ mother and brothers went to Capernaum from Nazareth. They thought Jesus was insane. They came to take Him home before He hurt Himself and brought shame to the family. They stood outside the house in Capernaum and sent someone inside to summon Jesus. When He was told they were looking for Him, He said that His family consists of those who do God’s will (Mark 3:35).

Disciples demonstrate they belong to God’s family by obeying Him. Works of obedience don’t save. Their absence, however, suggests serious spiritual illness. Obedience, love, and persistent belief are part of the family of God resemblance that believers share.

Longfellow could take a worthless sheet of paper, write a poem on it, and make it worth thousands of dollars. God takes worthless, sinful lives and makes them a blessing to humanity. Don’t settle for less! #freechristiandiscipleshipresources #freeevangelismresources #freechristianleadershipresources

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