Put on Jesus Christ

If someone observed you secretly for a week, would they suspect you’re a Christian? More and more, your behavior can match your profession as you continue to put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Putting on Jesus Christ means yielding to Him. In time, you become more like Him. You become more compassionate. You feel more deeply for and reach out to the needy. You become more kind. You do what’s best for others. You become more humble. You think truly of yourself—not less or more. You become more gentle. You don’t insist on your own way. You consider others and give up your rights. You become more patient. You endure wrongs without losing your temper or desiring vengeance. You bend God’s forgiveness ninety degrees. You spread it to those who’ve offended you. You recognize their slights are microscopic compared to how much God has forgiven you.

Love sacrifices to benefit others. It sews the quilt of all these virtues together. Perhaps you’re thinking you just can’t love people who’ve hurt you. It’s not like you. That’s the point. It’s just like Jesus. He wants to live through you. The source of God’s love is also the source of His peace.

Tune into Christ’s peace. Allow it to rule in your heart. Let it guide what you think, say, and do. Many profess to follow Jesus but aren’t in touch with Him. They often cause strife and turmoil in churches.

Be thankful. Focus on God’s gifts. You’ll never run out of reasons to be thankful. You won’t have an inflated sense of your own importance. You won’t wallow in self-pity.

Escort God’s word into your heart by reading, studying, and submitting to it. “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly” (Colossians 3:16, NIV). “You” is plural. God’s word must be at home in the whole church. All must learn to feed themselves spiritually and translate God’s word into daily living.

Do everything in Jesus’s name. Christians bear His name. As such, seek to live worthy of Him. His reputation is at stake.

The Bible doesn’t detail rules for every life situation. When in doubt, answer several questions. What’s the Christian thing to do? Can I do this and not compromise my profession? Can I do this in the name of the Lord Jesus? Can I thank the Father that He has given me this opportunity?

Consider the consequences of not putting on the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ll almost certainly be one of the hypocrites unbelievers use to excuse their own misbehavior. You’ll tarnish Jesus’ reputation. Much is at stake. When you wake, put on your clothes and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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