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Minding God's Business (Part 2 of 4)

Part of minding God’s business is being an encourager. Barnabas, a Jew born in Cyprus, had relatives and land in Jerusalem. He sold the land and gave the proceeds to the apostles to benefit the community of believers. Like a spark that starts a wildfire, his sacrificial example influenced others who influenced others in an unbroken chain that reaches all the way to today.

Your encouragement can lubricate the machinery of the church and make it hum as all its parts work together smoothly. Your words can be an elevator for others’ spirits. Barnabas was sent from Jerusalem to Antioch where many gentiles had become believers (Acts 11:22-24). He dumped an oxcart of encouragement on both the missionaries and converts, the sweet fragrance of which has lingered for 2000 years. As a result of Barnabas’ encouragement, they shared the gospel even more vigorously, and the number of converts grew rapidly.

You lift others up by believing in them and in what they can accomplish for God before they can believe that they can make a difference. My belief in many I have coached eventually became their belief in themselves. The principle applies equally in the spiritual realm.

Emphasize others’ strengths instead of their weakness, what they have going for them rather than their deficiencies. Such encouragement often transforms “I cannot” thinking into “I can.”

Praise improvement and effort as much as goal-attainment. Track and field coaches focus more on personal bests than winning. Only one person can win but everyone can improve. Improving is achievable when winning often is not.

Encourage and pray for your spiritual leaders. Many of them are frustrated and feel like they are not making much of a difference. Give them pedal to the metal esteem (1 Thessalonians 5:13). Sending them a note sharing specific ways their ministry has blessed you can motivate them more than you can imagine. The good you can do through encouragement, like the apples in a seed, cannot be calculated! #freechristiandiscipleshipresources #freechristianleadershipresources

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