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Mind and Body Faith

The abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10 is elusive. It’s fragile as a soap bubble. We think we have it, and then it’s gone. If we aren’t experiencing it, we’re settling for too little.

Jesus is the spring from which it flows. It’s not like the breakfast cereal display at the supermarket. There aren’t twenty possible sources of spiritual vitality. Real life is found only in Jesus.

Before we can fully experience it, we must die to the old way of life. God can’t use our sin-loving self. It covets His throne and glory while pretending to be spiritual. That’s why He crucified it with Christ on the cross (Romans 6:6). We’re to live like we’re dead to sin’s siren call and alive to God’s still small voice. We’re God’s instruments of righteousness as we say yes to Him.

When my daughter was small, she pulled away when I tried to show her affection. I was mad and hurt. I glared at her. Then, I ignored her. As I walked away, she knew she was in trouble. She asked me several questions. I didn’t even acknowledge she’d spoken. I don’t recommend treating people that way. But I do suggest treating sin that way. Turn a deaf ear.

God desires a living sacrifice. Unfortunately, such sacrifices often crawl off the altar. Body faith is daily, self-sacrificing faith. It’s presenting ourselves each day to do whatever God asks of us.

Setting aside our bodies for God’s daily use makes them holy and acceptable to Him. It’s true and proper worship. If God doesn’t have our body, He doesn’t have our heart either. If that’s so, our worship is empty words. When we consider all God’s mercies, self-sacrificing faith is reasonable.

Is Jesus’ life in us obvious? Are we living like our time, talents, finances, and energy belong to God? Are we showing God we love Him by obeying Him? Are we sacrificing to meet others’ needs? Are we forgiving those who’ve hurt us as Jesus did?

God doesn’t want just our body. He also wants our mind. So does the world. It pressures us to conform to its thinking and behaving patterns. It’s unsettling to be at odds with majority opinion. But that’s precisely what we must be. To become more like Jesus, we must constantly change how we think. God’s words and ways are the pattern. His word reveals them. Healthy faith is mind and body faith.

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