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Making a Difference Three Million Years from Now

Today’s Christ-centered living can make a huge difference three million years from now. That seems crazy, but it’s true.

Self-centered living characterized by the sins listed in verse 1 prevents that from happening. God’s strategy is to dispose of them like sewage-soaked garments. What stinks? We must rid ourselves of active ill-will and being bent on harming others. We must dump deceit. It doesn’t carry Christ’s sweet fragrance. We must strip away pretending to be what we’re not for personal gain. We must trash jealousy of others’ position or gifts. It reeks. We must stop running down others, perhaps because of envy. It smells like a pig farm! Jesus doesn’t wear such garments. To make a difference three million years from now, we can’t either.

To make a difference three million years from now, our diet is also critically important. Healthy people look forward to meals. They eat nutritious foods. Likewise, wise believers yearn for God’s pure word (verse 2). Unlike political ads, it’s without fraud and deceit. It equips us to grow up spiritually.

We make an eternal difference when we build our lives on the living stone, Jesus Christ. We draw close to Him, stay there, and enjoy life together. That’s what it means to receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord. God chose Him. He’s the precious foundation. God builds His church on Him. Those in His church have special privileges.

We’re part of a new priestly order that offers up spiritual sacrifices. What kind of sacrifices? We offer ourselves daily to obey the Lord (Romans 12:1). We offer praise and thanksgiving to God (Hebrews 13:15). We offer practical ministry that meets human needs (Hebrews 13:16). Through Jesus, God accepts these sacrifices.

Our attitude toward Christ decides our destiny. We can stumble over Jesus, the foundation stone, and be lost. Or we can build our lives on Him. If we do, we can make a difference three million years from now because of what we become.

God chooses to love us. He sets us apart for His use. We represent Him to others. We worship Him. We intercede for others and minister to them. We’re God’s special possession. He grips us like a child holds a teddy bear. He says, “Mine!”

Our words and deeds are God’s living billboards. We’ve received His grace for a purpose. May our words and deeds declare who He is and what He’s done. We’ll have a powerful, lasting influence if we live in the light of which we speak. That’s how we make a difference three million years hence.

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