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Living like Children of God

About 25 years ago, a woman in my congregation commented on the number of my gray hairs. My reply was, “I didn’t have them before I came to this church!” I said it in fun, but it is difficult to pastor a church. It is no easier to live like God’s children.

Verse 13 connects God’s great salvation with how Christians should live. It is not a simple assignment. Peter commands us to prepare our minds for strenuous work. That includes coming to church events and God’s word prepared to think about and act on what we hear and see. We do not have to be super intelligent to live like God’s children. If we use it, the brain God gave us will get us to our destination.

Being sober means exercising sound judgment. We choose the best while rejecting the merely good. For example, active involvement in our local church is better than watching or listening to religious programming.

We set our hope completely on the transforming grace we will receive when Jesus comes again. We obey as a way of life (verse 14). We control our desires. They do not control us. “Conform” (verse 14) means copying a pattern. The old pattern is our former way of life. Base appetites controlled us. No more of that. God’s character is our new pattern (verses 15–16).

God grasps and separates us for His work. He demands purity and moral integrity in every area of our lives. It comes inch by inch and ounce by ounce as we daily discipline our minds to receive and practice His input.

As obedient children, we discipline ourselves to please God out of gratitude for all He has done for us.

Calling ourselves God’s children does not make us such. We demonstrate we are His kids by good works and transformed character. The Lord knows His children. At the Judgment, He will evaluate each of us. By reason of that certainty, we live in fear of God because we want so very much to please Him.

God has redeemed us from bondage to sin with the infinitely precious blood of Christ. How we live demonstrates how grateful we are for God’s sacrifice for us.

We become morally pure and able to love one another by repenting and believing the gospel. Such love requires effort and sacrifice.

Human seed produces mortal human life which is subject to death. The word of God alone is the seed which imparts spiritual life. God’s spoken and written messages are living and enduring. They tell us how to behave like His children. It is not complicated. Be holy. Fear God. Love one another.

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