• Jack Selcher

Living like an Alien

Some think intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. To see an alien, they need only see Christians who are following Jesus. He was the first alien in but not of the world.

In 1987 I fished in Quebec for a week, but I didn’t adopt their language and customs. I’m from a different land with its own language and culture. Similarly, as Christians, we’re on earth to advertise God’s values. Heaven is our home.

Peter appeals to us as aliens to “abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul” (1 Peter 2:11, NIV). He’s talking about self-centered appetites which continually try to establish a foothold in our lives. If we embrace them, they’ll eventually overwhelm us. They’ll weaken us as kryptonite debilitates superman.

Our mission is to live like God’s children so others might become God’s children. The challenge is to transform critics into brothers and sisters in Christ. By God’s grace, we can love some of them into God’s kingdom.

When we turn on a flashlight in a dark room, we don’t have to tell people to look at it. It’s automatic. If we love our neighbor as ourselves, some people will think about what they’re seeing. Their salvation depends on how well we advertise God’s values and translate them into daily life. Let’s consider practical ways to do that.

God’s will is that we respect and obey our government. Apart from statutes that obviously contradict God’s word, Christians must obey the law. Our government’s leaders represent God as the judge. They repress crime and injustice. They keep order. We serve the Lord when we submit to them.

As aliens, we must use our freedom wisely. We’re set free by knowing the truth and applying it to our lives (John 8:32). That requires restraints. A violin string on a table is free. But it isn’t free to produce music.

Only taut in a violin is the string free to fulfill its purpose. Likewise, we Christians aren’t free to do whatever we want. We’re free from the bondage of sin, Satan, and selfish desires to advertise God’s values and serve Him with all our being.

As God’s servants, we must honor everyone and esteem them highly (verse 17). They’re all created in God’s image and worthy of honor. No prejudice is allowed.

As Christians, God commands us to love fellow Christians. We’re brothers and sisters forever.

We’re to fear God and honor those who rule us. Fear of God combines reverential awe and healthy dread. Our government deserves our respect. God alone merits our worship.

How should aliens on earth live? Like aliens, of course! We’re on earth to advertise Jesus’ superior way of life.


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