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Living Against the Current

Living for Christ isn’t an effortless drift down an easy stream. You must overcome constant resistance. You dare not drift with flow of the popular cultural manifestations of the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the pride of life (1 John 2:16). Jesus persevered through opposition. You can too.

You might be betrayed along the way (verses 43-45). Some “friends” might trip you up or kick you when you’re down. Judas was one of the Twelve. He preached, cast out demons, and healed the sick in Mark 6:12-13. That same Judas guided the arresting party to Gethsemane. He planned to identify Jesus on that dark night by a kiss on the cheek. He called Jesus “Rabbi.” That means “my master.” It was lip service without obedience.

You can live close to the source of eternal life and never experience it. It’s sobering. If Judas could betray his Lord, you must ask yourself whether you really believe the gospel. Beware of camping beside the well of the water of life without drinking from it. Those who possess eternal life show it by consistently living against the current.

To avoid becoming a betrayer, maintain your relationship with the Lord through applying God’s word, prayer, fellowship, sharing your faith, and obedience. Slow spiritual leaks over time rather than a blowout can turn you into a Judas. Which of these five disciplines needs the most attention now?

Submission to God might lead to humiliation (verse 46-49). Jesus, the Creator, was treated like a common criminal. Submission to God required that He drink the cup the Father had given Him. The Scriptures had to be fulfilled (See Isaiah 53:12, Psalm 41:9, and Zechariah 13:7).

In another sense, no one can humiliate Jesus. No one can lower His self-esteem. For One who has already lowered Himself unimaginably to become a man, the difference between being a king or a criminal is insignificant. No one can humiliate Jesus because He’s gentle and humble in heart (Matthew 11:29). It’s not fair weather humility. He’s equally at rest and at peace when receiving praise or blame. True humility makes humiliation impossible. Pride underlies your fear of humiliation.

Your friends might forsake you if you submit to God. In verse 50 we see the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy in Mark 14:27. The disciples all forsook Him and fled. Very soon, His Heavenly Father would forsake Him too. On the cross, Jesus tasted and drank deeply of the utter aloneness of hell in your place. Now, in life’s loneliest situations, Jesus won’t leave or forsake you (Hebrew 13:5). His healing presence and grace can empower you to live life against the current. He never fails. You can depend on it!

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