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Last Days Christianity

What did you do last week that only a Christian would do? The goal of the Christian life is to love like Jesus. That means actively, self-sacrificially helping the undeserving.

That’s a priority because the end is near. The judgment of which 1 Peter 4:5–6 speaks is at the door. It could appear in an eye blink. Does that reality affect your daily behavior? If, for example, Jesus returned in one minute, would He find you with an unforgiving spirit?

The Bible doesn’t identify the time of the end. Instead, it announces the end is near. Always be prepared for it. You do that by praying for, loving, and ministering to other believers.

Prayer requires preparation. To pray effectively, you must think clearly and be self-controlled and alert. Prayer is the mental work you must do to be more like Jesus. Through prayer, you acknowledge your need and grasp God’s abundant grace for yourself and others. The context suggests you should pray for fellow believers to live morally excellent, God-glorifying lives.

Choose to love believers eagerly and earnestly. God’s love is an epoxy glue commitment to others that temporarily hurt feelings can’t break. It continues when feelings fluctuate. It’s about fervent giving, not fervent feelings. Nothing is more important (above all, v. 8). Is loving other believers your highest priority? In my life, it has way too much competition. You can probably say the same about yourself.

“Love covers over a multitude of sins” (verse 8, NIV). Please, don’t stir up sins and burn the telephone lines, social media, or the backyard fence with the latest gossip. Instead, silently forgive others’ shortcomings because God forgives your sins.

In the first century, hospitality was a concrete way to express love to other Christians in a world without numerous modern inns, motels, or hotels. Hospitality is opening our hearts and homes to others. The goal is to serve them, not to impress them.

Hospitality isn’t a one-way ministry. Every Christian can and should minister to others. Do you believe that strongly enough to do it? Are you using the natural and supernatural gifts God has given you to help others? Are you trusting in God’s abundant strength to exercise speaking and/or serving gifts? If you are, those you help will see Jesus in you and praise God for the help they’ve received.

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