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How God Judges

Gifts to Prairie Bible Institute from a certain geographical area declined. It happened shortly after Dr. Maxwell, the school’s president, had two cataract operations. It seems a rumor started that Dr. Maxwell had two Cadillacs!1 God’s judgment never misses the mark.

God judges judges (verses 1–3). Paul anticipated some in the church would agree with God’s condemning the slime-of-the-earth Gentiles. But Paul added that those who were judging the Gentiles were doing the same things they were. The “obvious” sins of others often prosper in our own heart. When we condemn others for them, we show we know they’re wrong.

God judges according to reality (verses 1–3). The Scribes and Pharisees pretended to be righteous. They weren’t. Jesus knew it. Before my first botany test, the professor shared some advice. He said, “Don’t try to snow me. You might be able to do it, but I doubt it.” I tried. He was right. He knew too much. God knows the truth about you. You can’t snow Him.

Even though God knows the truth about you, He isn’t anxious to condemn you. He delays judgment. He gives time for repentance (verses 4–5). I know someone who challenged God to strike him dead. God didn’t. That only proved God’s patience.

God’s patience is like a dam on a mighty river. Water is piling up higher and higher behind the dam. The people living on the banks of the river below it have a false sense of security. Someday God’s patience, like the dam, will give way. Condemnation is certain for those who refuse to repent.

Your good works determine your destiny (verse 6). As water naturally flows downhill, living faith produces a stream of good works. You’re saved by grace through faith alone, but not by a faith that is alone (James 2:26). You’re saved to do good works (Ephesians 2:10).

Those on whom God’s wrath will come seek their own will. They don’t obey the truth (verse 8). Even believers are prone to selective, convenient obedience. You prepare best for judgment by eliminating “partial” in partial obedience.

God judges without respect of persons. He judges those with only an internal law by that law. He judges those with His written revelation by that revelation. God will judge you based on what you did with what you knew.

How does your life differ from your unbelieving neighbors? How do you consistently demonstrate a living, life-changing commitment to Jesus Christ? Take the things of God very seriously. Love Him with all your being. Love your neighbor as yourself. On Judgment Day, you’ll be glad you did!

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1. https://bible.org/illustration/cataract-surgery

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