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God's Wrath

A five-year-old took a bathroom scale to show and tell. He said, “Standing on this makes my mom mad.” God’s wrath is His great displeasure with and resulting judgment on all who despise Him.

There’s no excuse for despising God. His creation declares He’s powerful and worthy of worship. But people naturally put a lid on the truth. They want to live without restraint.

When they reject what they know about God, they worship some aspect of creation. That’s idolatry because something other than God has supremacy and receives their highest devotion.

Sin is a downward spiraling whirlpool. First, people reject what they know about God. Then, they invent their own god. Finally, they fall into the vilest sins imaginable. God judges them by allowing them to become slaves to their own rebellious choices. Those choices began as spider webs. They quickly became chains of addiction from which only God’s grace could deliver them.

When people refuse to say yes to God, they eventually can’t say no to sin. They become “the people of the lie” when they push God aside to worship something they think worthier. The result is often the most sordid, unnatural sins depraved minds can conceive.

Years ago, I discovered my youngest daughter standing on a small plastic table. It wasn’t designed to support her weight. She could have been badly hurt. People’s depraved tendency is to use God’s gifts in ways He never intended.

Among the sins Romans 1 lists, homosexuality is singled out (verses 26–27). Many societies permit homosexual behavior between consenting adults. To date, thirty nations have legalized same sex marriage. But Leviticus 18:22 strictly forbids homosexual practice. Biblegateway.com lists more than sixty translations of this verse. All of them forbid homosexual practice.

God judges by giving people over to their idols. He allows a mind which can’t discern or make wise decisions. Note the list of sins undiscerning minds spawn (verses 29–30). Greed, hate, envy, murder, fighting, lying, gossip, etc. control them. Deep down they know their behavior deserves punishment. Yet, they don’t change their ways. They encourage others to join them on the road to death.

Those on the road to death are united in their commitment to do their own will. The only exit from that road is to repent of self-seeking and to trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior before they become unable to say yes to Him. God’s principles of judgment apply to everyone. It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Hebrews 10:31, NIV) without Christ’s righteousness by grace through faith credited to our account.

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