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God's Selfie

Not everyone sees the same thing when they observe the heavens. In 2 Kings 23:5, idolatrous priests see something to worship. Many scientists see only a Big Bang baby. Astrologers see the future. Christians see God’s superior power and glory. What do you see?

The heavens are God’s 24/7 commercial. They don’t say, “We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsor.” They say, “We’re here because of a word from our sponsor.” Ironically, their praise roars like Niagara Falls continually day and night despite their eloquent silence. People from every language and dialect can understand their testimony to God. It isn’t whispered in a corner. It’s boomed from distant galaxies.

The sun is the most glorious witness. It reflects God’s glory more than all the other heavenly bodies. It proclaims the extent of His rule. It declares the majesty of Him who is light without any darkness at all.

The message of Psalm 19 underlies Romans 1:18–20. God’s eternal power and deity are evident in His creation. Those who see in the heavens merely an object for worship, the future, or the product of a chance explosion are equally without excuse.

God reveals Himself more clearly in what He has said than in what He has made. Psalm 19 describes God’s revelation of Himself as a six-pack that satisfies—law, statutes, precepts, command, fear, and decrees. Law is a broad term for God’s revealed will. It tells us how to live. It paints the lines on the road of life. Our assignment is to stay between them. We can rely on God’s statutes like a moral compass to keep us from going astray. God’s precepts provide joy by assuring us we’re on the right path headed toward the right goal. God’s commands deliver us from the right and wrong fuzziness of relative thinking. God’s revelation of how we’re to reverence Him demands, causes, and maintains a healthy fear of Him. God’s precepts are His judicial decisions about various human situations. They’re utterly dependable and righteous.

For David, God’s revelation was more valuable than piles of gold or plates of the best food. Why does he value God’s revelation so highly? Because it’s first a warning to escape judgment, and second, a treasure map to abundant life. Concerning the first, God reveals who He is and what He desires so that we might escape the consequences of disobedience because of ignorance. Second, abundant life flows exclusively in the channel of obedience. Our spiritual health depends on what we do with what we know about God. He rewards those who walk on the road His revelation constructs.

So, what have you done with God’s revelation? It was made for our hearts, hands, feet, and tongues Let’s not keep it bound in leather!


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