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God Is Our Refuge

When I was around eight, my father was about to punish me for some misdeed. Before he could, I ran out of the house and sought refuge in the nearby woods. About thirty minutes later, I returned to the house. It was almost empty because everyone was looking for me. My father was so glad to see me he forgot about the punishment. In a small way, I’d rebelled against his rule, and I got away with it. By contrast, no one gets away with steadfast rebellion against God’s rule.

The tone of Psalm 2 is astonishment at the senseless, arrogant rejection of God’s king and rule. The Gentiles and Israel had all they could take of the Lord and the agents who rule in His name and place (the Israelite kings and ultimately, the Messiah). Acts 4:25–28 sees Calvary predicted here. Herod and Pilate fulfilled the roles of kings and rulers.

We naturally rebel against restraint. God’s ways seem burdensome and confining. We resist letting the Holy Spirit live through us. We try to serve God in our own strength and discover it is burdensome. But the testimony of scripture and Spirit-controlled Christians is that submitting to God’s ways truly satisfies. Its starting point is humbly acknowledging we don’t know what’s best for us, and God does.

In verses 4–6, the setting shifts from earth to the One who has the final word. He laughs at rebellious sinners. He mocks those who mock His rule and His ruler. Their arrogance stirs up His just and rational wrath. He’ll overrule their petty plots against Him.

His choice of Jerusalem and the Davidic house is eternal (2 Samuel 7:14–16) The King is in David’s line. He’s the Lord’s “son,” His “first-born,” His “anointed.” The initial fulfillment is in the kings in David’s line. The ultimate fulfillment is in His Son.

The Son’s inheritance consists of all people groups. The ends of the earth are His possession. The Great Commission emphasizes making disciples of all people groups to the ends of the earth (Matthew 28:19–20). The Son will rule with iron discipline. He’ll overthrow the steadfastly rebellious. The invitation is to rebels to turn from their rebellion and submit to God and His anointed. Neglecting God’s invitation is utterly foolish.

Kissing the son means paying homage to Him. Those who refuse risk an outpouring of His anger and eternal destruction. There’s no refuge from Him—only in Him. Those who seek refuge and flee for protection in Him are blessed.

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