Flee from Idolatry (Part 1 of 2)

God insists on loyalty. Always has. Always will. He isn’t satisfied to be among the fabulous five favorite things in your life. He won’t share His throne with any rivals. He forbids having any other gods before Him or making an idol in the form of any created thing (Exodus 20:3-4).

Your “images,” purchases, thought life and use of time reveal God’s rivals. They highlight your priorities. The images could be pictures hanging on your walls or pasted in an album. They might be coin collections, cars, awards, trophies, mounted animals or fish, your place on the ladder of success, etc. The material things around you define what you value.

God isn’t against fun and feeling good. He created you with the capacity to enjoy Him and the things He has made. He richly provides you with everything for your enjoyment (1 Timothy 6:17). If you walk the path God sets before you, He will fill you with joy and eternal pleasures (Psalm 16:11). The issue isn’t whether you’ll experience pleasure or not. It’s whether you’ll walk the path God sets before you or your own. Will you trust His judgment? Will you live like you know better than He what will make you happy?

Idolatry strolls into your life through the wide-open door of living for pleasure independently of God. You naturally put “things” on the throne intended for Him alone. You worship and serve them instead of Him. You ignore the giver of every good and perfect gift (James 1:17). You love His gifts instead of Him with all your heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37). You naturally love pleasure more than you love God (2 Timothy 3:4).

Americans spend money like they love pleasure far more than they love God. They spent 646 billion on just outdoor recreation in 2010. That’s more than five times as much as they gave to their churches in 2009.1 Preoccupation with pleasure minimizes your spiritual growth and ministry to others.

You can overcome pleasure’s attraction through the self-control the Holy Spirit provides (Galatians 5:23). You have God’s promise that whenever you face temptation, He faithfully provides a way out (1 Corinthians 10:13). Expect Him to give you that way of escape and look for it.2 #freechristiandiscipleshipresources #freeevangelismresources


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