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Feeding Yourself Spiritually (Part 3 of 3)

How can you feed yourself spiritually? If you are just starting, you could begin with six or seven minutes/day reading the Bible and three- or four-minutes praying. Soon, you will want to spend more time. It is best to choose the same regular, quiet place to commune with God. Mine is the kitchen table. It is best to go to that place when your mind is sharpest. For me, that is early in the morning.

Time with God includes reading and digesting His word and talking with Him about all that concerns you (Philippians 4:6-7). Try to apply at least one truth each day. Ask what God’s word is saying about your relationships with Him and others as well as your habits, work, witness, finances, and ministry and then talk with Him about it.

One day I was reading Jeremiah 45. In v. 5 (NIV) God told Baruch, Jeremiah’s secretary, “Should you then seek great things for yourself? Do not seek them.” God reminded me that a servant is in no position to seek great things for himself. My prayer time began with confessing my spotlight-seeking nature, and asking God to renew my desire to serve Him and others humbly.

A study Bible helps me understand what I am reading and apply it to my life. I have used a Life Application Bible for my devotional reading for more than 30 years. The first time through it, I read the Scripture and all the notes. Now I read the notes if nothing jumps out of the chapter I read for the day. That is more common when I am reading the Old Testament than the New Testament. I write down on a piece of paper in 1-3 sentences what stood out for me and attempt to write at least one personal application.

You are not automatically a fruitful Christian just because you spend time with God every day, but you greatly limit your fruitfulness if you do not. God uses your time with Him to renew your mind and make you more like Jesus. Personal time with God may seem burdensome in the beginning. Stick with it. The joy comes slowly in trickles and then torrents. There is no substitute for first-hand spiritual experience with God and no short-cut to Christian maturity. #freechristianleadershipresources #freechristiandiscipleshipresources #freeevangelismresources

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