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False Teacher Detection

Jesus was a skilled teacher at twelve. By contrast, false teachers are like skilled fishermen. They present the bait of their lies in a way calculated to entice you.

The New Age movement teaches you can find God in yourself. The Playboy philosophy tells you that if it feels good, do it. Materialism preaches that life consists in accumulating things. Astrology points to the heavens as the key to your destiny. Underneath each bait waits the devil’s hook.

Jesus alone is fully adequate. In Him you’re spiritually, morally, and mentally complete. Possessing Jesus, you have all you need. You can always rely on Him. To turn to any other philosophy is like trading your new Rolls Royce for a rust-bucket car without an engine.

In Christ you have true circumcision made without hands. In the Old Testament, circumcision was the outward sign of God’s acceptance. Verse 11 reveals that now it’s an inward mark on your heart. God makes it when you decide to follow Him. It enables you to escape your sinful nature’s total domination.

You can handle your past failures because of your union with Christ in His death (verse 12). You can manage you present obligations and responsibilities because of your union with Him in His resurrection. His overcoming resurrection life empowers you to do as you ought. That’s true freedom.

In Christ you have forgiveness. Verse 14 pictures all the sins you’ve committed as recorded on a charge list. God nailed it to the cross on which Jesus suffered. By God’s grace, through the cross, He wiped your charge list clean. It’s gone. Has someone offended you? Jesus died for that too. Nail it to the cross. If God forgives, who are you to withhold forgiveness? That also applies to forgiving yourself.

In Christ you have victory (verse 15). He disarmed the spiritual forces that were in rebellion against God. He made a public display of them. In your own strength, you’re no match for them. So, when the devil knocks at your door, send Jesus to answer it.

In Christ you have freedom. He delivered you from self-justifying rule keeping. Old Testament legal regulations were shadows of things that came in Jesus Christ. He freed you from a prison of man-made rules to serve Him.

Paul condemns punishing your body to gain God’s favor. You died to the old way of life. You rose to a new life centered on loving and serving God and others. It’s futile to seek to earn God’s praise by man-made rule-keeping.

Let me suggest two questions to identify suspected false teachers. First, ask, “Who is Jesus Christ?” False teachers don’t believe He’s fully human, fully God, and fully adequate. Second, ask, “What rules must I keep to be saved?” If there are any, you’re dealing with a false teacher. #freechristiandiscipleshipresources #freeevangelismresources #freechristianleadershipresources

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