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Divine Appointments

How passionate are you about God and His church? Is church life boring? Life is exciting when you look for divine appointments.

Prayer prepares you for those appointments. Being devoted to prayer includes being watchful and thankful (verse 2). Daily prayer is hard enough. At times I’ve been too busy to pray. I felt like I needed to do something. I forgot that prayer is doing something.

Persevering prayer is difficult. The devil fights it. Your sinful nature resists it. The world distracts you from it. Your mind wanders. Sometimes, you think your prayers are futile. Remember God’s past faithfulness. That feeds your faith and stirs half-hearted prayer into flame.

Paul asks that every obstacle in the way of his preaching the gospel be removed. He requests an open door of opportunity. Effective preaching, teaching or sharing Christ with another requires constant dependence on God that prayer demonstrates.

It’s hard to be a witness for Christ. It’s also hard to win an Olympic medal. People pay a price to do either. For most of us, an Olympic medal is unrealistic. That’s okay. The profit of sharing your faith in Christ with others far outshines the glory of the medal.

Sharing your faith benefits you. You won’t be a joyful Christian if you keep your faith to yourself. You must get it out of the house. Take it for a walk. John R. Mott said that if people’s religion is false, they must give it up. If it’s true, they must give it away. Locking it away in the house kills it.

Paul’s example teaches you to pray to prepare yourself for divine appointments. God wants to make an eternal difference in your neighbors, friends, and relatives through you. Nothing humdrum about that!

Wisdom guides you on divine appointments. Unbelievers form opinions about Christianity by watching you. If your way of life turns them off, they won’t be attracted to Christ.

Make the most of your life. Quit wasting time. Each day contains strategic moments. God wants to talk and live through you. Non-Christians are listening and watching. You often won’t know when God is using you. That’s why you must live for Him consistently. A day is like an orange. Don’t let it get away without squeezing out all the juice.

You reach people by being warm, concerned, and attentive to their needs. Sharing the gospel includes both what you say and how you say it. Speak in a gracious manner about the kindness of God and the difference He’s made in your life. Let the Holy Spirit do the convicting.

Salt makes food appetizing. Your speech makes Christianity attractive. Divine appointments are coming your way. It’s thrilling and fulfilling to be a clay cup from whom living water flows!

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