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Connecting to Spiritual Power

Herbert Jackson, a new missionary, was assigned a car that needed a push to start. For two years he either parked it on a hill or left the engine running. Poor health forced his family to leave the field. Before he left, he explained his ingenious procedure to the new missionary. The new missionary checked under the hood. He quickly found the problem—a loose battery cable.1 The power had been there all the time. The problem was the lack of connection to it. Spiritual power is always available. Are you connected to it?

In Acts 1:4-5, Jesus promised unlimited spiritual power through the Holy Spirit. Without it, you’re like a car with an empty fuel tank.

Jesus didn’t promise political positions to His followers. Verse 6 records the last flicker of the disciples’ political ambitions. They still wanted to rule over others. Jesus wanted them to serve others. Some Christians in the USA are actively involved in politics. That’s not necessarily bad. Government is important, but people aren’t saved or transformed through it.

In verse 8, Jesus promised power for witnessing through the filling of the Holy Spirit. This filling isn’t an emotional buzz. Among other things, it includes such ordinary but necessary elements as boldness, confidence, courage, ability, insight, and authority.

When the Holy Spirit completely possesses you, He purifies and refines you. He changes your thinking. You lose the desire for many sins that once gripped you. Power for witnessing results from the choice to get right with God and to submit to His leadership. The Holy Spirit empowers you only when you submit to His leadership.

Being a witness includes both life and lips. You’re to be a witness, not just do witnessing. The Holy Spirit provides power to speak and live as you should. Begin at home by being a witness to your family, friends and associates. The gospel spreads out from your home in ever widening circles. Its targeted destination is the whole world in every generation.

Jesus’ ascension was a further preparation for power. He insisted His disciples would be better off after He had gone away (John 16:7). With the Spirit’s coming, God’s power moved from an external, visible leader to a life-changing inner force. This inner power molds you into the image of Jesus.

Jesus promised transforming power if you’re prepared to receive it. Some without it go out of their way to hurt other Christians. Church splits, power struggles, petty arguments, lovelessness, bitterness, jealousy, and cold wars all demonstrate a lack of spiritual power.

To be filled with the Holy Spirit, you must want it, confess anything that would block it, and pray in faith for it. That’s how you connect to spiritual power 24/7. #freechristiandiscipleshipresources #freeevangelismresources #freechristianleadershipresources

1. The Power Must Be Used | Ministry127

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