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Christian Leadership

God tasks Christian leaders with making more and better disciples (Matthew 28:19–20, 1 Timothy 2:2). That means developing people to become increasingly like Jesus. How do we do that in a way that glorifies God?

Jesus commanded Peter to feed His lambs (John 21:15). His lambs are young children and new believers. About 30 years ago, I was entrusted with a very small key to a padlock. I lost it. I should’ve been more careful with the key. How careful are we with the lambs Jesus has entrusted into our care?

Motivation matters. Many times, I’ve done the Lord’s will out of a sense of duty. That’s better than not doing it. What’s best is doing it eagerly and willingly. God’s still working on me in that department. Love is the Manufacturer’s recommended fuel to serve Him and others. Duty fuel tanks often run dry during prolonged, difficult service.

Our Christian leadership isn’t about self-advancement. Yet, many members of the clergy play the ladder game. They want to climb up to bigger churches, higher salaries, and more prestige. Lay leaders can get caught up in self-advancement too.

Our Christian leadership isn’t about exercising power over others. The measure of our Christian leadership is what we do with power. Jesus said, “Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all” (Mark 10:4344, NIV).

The core of our Christian leadership is demonstrating how to live for Christ. We’re examples to the flock (verse 3). We’re not perfect, but by God’s grace, we’re progressing. Therefore, we can’t wait to lead until we feel adequate. We learn to lead by leading. We learn to serve by serving.

We most effectively lead others into sacrificial service by example. It’s like moving a piece of string in a straight line on a table. Pushing it doesn’t work. But we can pull it wherever we wish. We lead best when we pull people by example to be more like Jesus using our money, time, space, and knowledge as resources to develop them. How we do it matters.

As Christian leaders, we must give an account of our leadership to the Chief Shepherd. He’ll reward us for faithful service performed with the right motivation. He’ll recompense us with righteousness, life, and glory when He returns.

God calls us to be humbly submissive. We demonstrate it by serving others, taking orders from them, and fitting into their plans. What do you need to change today to make more and better disciples more willingly, eagerly, unselfishly, and humbly?

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