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Believing in God Is Not Enough (Part 4 of 5)

Belief has content, but we need to go beyond just agreeing with the facts. The first four letters of the alphabet summarize the narrow way that leads to eternal life.

A represents admit. To begin a right relationship with God, we must admit we have a disease the Bible calls sin. The symptoms are denial of God’s right to rule over us, rejection of his moral boundaries, and a right-living deficit. If this disease is ignored, the inevitable result is separation from God forever (Romans 6:23).

B is what we need to believe. Becoming a Christian requires knowing Jesus is Lord and God in the flesh who has come to our rescue. He became as fully human as we and died on the cross in our place to pay the penalty for our sins (1 Peter 3:18). He is alive forever because of His resurrection. He asks for our loyalty. He offers to live within us and use His resurrection power to set us free from the paralyzing grip of sin (John 8:36).

C is consider the cost of following Jesus. Jesus said that the one who tries to save his life will lose it (Luke 9:24). The cost can be summed up by three questions: Will you let Christ clean up the wrong things in your life? Will you give Him the king’s chair of your life? Will you publicly identify with Him and His church?

D stands for doing something. We need to receive the gift God offers—Jesus. In John 1:12, “receive” means the same thing as “believe.” If I offer you a twenty-dollar bill and ask whether you believe it is yours, you demonstrate your belief by taking it. Faith is active. Revelation 3:20 pictures Jesus knocking at the closed door of an individual’s life. It is dark inside. The place stinks. The lazy boy in the living room is the “king’s chair.” The house represents our life. Jesus offers to come in, turn on the light and clean up the mess. He wants the king’s chair because He alone is qualified to run the new operation. He has cleaned and lighted hundreds of millions of other homes. Will you let Him do the same for you? Have you ever invited Jesus to come into your life and take control? If not, are you ready to open the door of your life to Jesus now? One way to say yes is through the following prayer. The words are not magic. They reflect the heart of someone ready to follow Jesus:

Lord Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross in my place and taking my sin, death, and judgment upon yourself. I open the door of my life to you. I want you to come into my life and take control. Turn on the light and clean up the mess. Thank you for forgiving my sins and making me a child of God. I want to be like you. Amen.

If these words express what you really want, make them your own. Realize that you’re talking to the living Lord Jesus. He knows your sincerity and will honor the invitation to come into your life.

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