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As Good as Jesus

Those who care most about what others think about them are the most easily embarrassed. They allow others’ reactions to define their self-worth. Increasing maturity helps you laugh at yourself and move away from that kind of unhealthy thinking.

My sixth grade music teacher tried to persuade me to sing soprano in the chorus as I had in fifth grade. By sixth grade, I understood that girls sang soprano. I was embarrassed. I refused to participate. I was too concerned about what others thought of me.

Does fear of what others might think prevent you from sharing the gospel? Paul wasn’t ashamed to share it (verse 16). The Bible knows nothing of a private, keep it to yourself brand of faith.

In Genesis 1, God’s word brought life out of nothingness. The proclaimed gospel brings life to the spiritually dead. It bridges the gulf between brokenness and wholeness. It’s God’s power for wholeness to everyone who believes. But only to those who believe.

The Jews had the first chance to receive Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus ministered almost exclusively to the Jews. Peter preached to Jews on the day of Pentecost. The church’s earliest ministry was by Jews for Jews. Paul preached to the Jews before preaching to the Gentiles (Acts 13:45–46).

The gospel reveals God’s righteousness. It’s conformity to all He commands or appoints. I’m not that good. Neither are you. I regularly see cars exceeding the 25 mph speed limit on the road near my house. They don’t conform to the righteous standard the law sets. Sometimes, I don’t either. We’re even farther from conforming to God’s standards than from posted speed limits.

The good news is that God’s new covenant standard is that by grace through faith you can obtain Jesus’ righteousness as a gift. It’s received, not earned.

When I had a toothache, a dentist concluded a sinus infection was causing my pain. He prescribed an antibiotic. I trusted his prescription. I took the medicine. It solved the problem.

Trust God’s prescription. Take His medicine. You escape the fully deserved pain of God’s judgment through trust-righteousness. God credits Jesus’ righteousness to your account by faith. Paul quoted Habakkuk 2:4 to demonstrate that the one who is righteous by faith will live.

The gospel reveals God’s saving power and His righteous standard. God can save anyone who believes. His righteous standard demands He save only those who believe. His grace ensures that if you trust His prescription and take His medicine, you’re as good as Jesus in His sight!

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