• Jack Selcher

Are You a Clogged Nozzle?

Recently, my lawn was dry, brown, and crunchy underfoot. Meanwhile, my zucchini plants were green and still producing. Why? I irrigated the zucchini daily but not my yard.

My Uncle Bill grew beautiful celery stalks for market. He could not have done it without irrigation. I remember watching him almost 60 years ago walk through the celery field with a wire in his hand while the water was spurting out of the irrigation lines. He would stop here and there and use the wire to clear clogged nozzles. Of course, he got very wet in the process!

Every believer is a nozzle from whom God expects living water to spray to nurture others’ spiritual health and growth (John 7:38). The water represents the result of the Holy Spirit’s control in your life -- loving words, attitudes, and actions that benefit and build others up. If you are a nozzle through whom God works, you will get thoroughly soaked in the process. You will have the aroma of Christ in your life (Ephesians 5:1-2) and be dripping the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). You cannot be a hose that transports water but does not get wet. So, are you a clean nozzle or a clogged one? I know there is a part of you that does not like being saturated with God’s influence. The devil and the world system organize to try to keep the lawn of your life dry, brown, and crunchy underfoot – the result of going your own way instead of God’s way.

Your sinful nature continually desires independence. When you yield to its urgings, you cease following Christ to find greater “freedom” elsewhere. Soon, you rediscover that “freedom” does not satisfy you or bring the full, meaningful life the straight and narrow Freedom Road does (John 10:10). Let’s face it, we are all clogged nozzles at times. A wire unclogged Uncle Bill’s irrigation line nozzle. Confessing and turning from our independence back to dependence on God unclogs ours (1 John 1:9).

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