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Achieving Your Potential

Do you believe God can use you? In the early 1970s, Blair Cook sat in a bar in State College, Pennsylvania, most weekend evenings. He was well-educated but had no time for Christianity. He was looking for a good time. That’s all. But he didn’t remain what he was. Neither should you.

Become what you’re meant to be. Colossians 4:7–18 highlights people who were doing just that. Each began alienated from God and committed to self-will. They were dead in their sins and without God’s life. But look how far Paul’s companions in Rome had come.

Tychicus was Paul’s beloved brother. He was a faithful servant. He didn’t compete with Paul. He listened. He sacrificed. He encouraged. He bore Paul’s burdens. Like him, to achieve your potential, you must be willing to serve. You’re never more like Jesus than when you give yourself to serve others.

Onesimus was Paul’s faithful and beloved brother. But he wasn’t always. In Philemon, we learn he was an AWOL slave. A runaway slave wasn’t faithful or highly esteemed. In Rome, Onesimus found both Paul and Paul’s Savior. He became useful to both Paul and Philemon (Philemon 11). Jesus transformed His life.

Before Aristarchus was a Christian, he was wrapped up in self-seeking. Many think he accompanied Paul on his treacherous sea journey to Rome and was there in prison with him (verse 10). From a captive of self to a captive of Christ, Aristarchus was achieving his potential.

John Mark failed his first major ministry test. During Paul’s first missionary journey, John Mark defected at Perga. Barnabas and Peter helped develop his spiritual strength. He eventually authored the Gospel According to Mark.

Jesus Justus was faithful to Christ despite the rejection of hostile Jews in Rome. That earned him a place in Paul’s heart. His name is part of sacred Scripture. It would be pretty cool to have your name there, wouldn’t it?

Epaphras was the evangelist-founder of the Colossian church. Years later, he still agonized in prayer on their behalf. He wanted them to become mature Christians who knew and did God’s will. He was achieving his potential.

Blair Cook led my Bible study around the mid-1970s. Through his influence, I committed myself to vocational Christian service. So did three others in the Bible study. Blair was for many years the Associate Executive Director of the International School Project of CRU. ISP operates in third world countries to develop and resource educators to have an impact for Christ with their students, colleagues, and students' parents. Through ISP, Blair influenced hundreds of thousands of people for Christ. He’s achieving his potential. By His grace, God will empower you to achieve yours too.

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