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A Two Item Spiritual to Do List

God is in control (Romans 9:14–29). That doesn’t mean we Christians can sit down, prop up our feet, and sip iced tea until He calls us home. We have a spiritual to do list. It includes receiving faith righteousness as a gift and telling others how they can receive it too.

Picture a runner who doesn’t even dream of winning a race and doesn’t practice. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, he somehow beats a fanatic racer who practices every day. That’s a picture of the Gentiles’ receiving righteous standing in God’s sight. Meanwhile, the Jews couldn’t obtain right standing with God because they weren’t willing to receive it as a gift.

That Jews and Gentiles enter God’s kingdom the same way was too much for most Jews to accept. After all, they were God’s chosen people! They substituted religious customs and traditions for Christ and faith righteousness. Many today do the same. Church attendance, church work, tithing, being nice, and being good aren’t enough. Enough is trusting in what Jesus had done for us, receiving His righteousness as God’s gift, and sharing His victory. Jesus is either the cornerstone on which we build our lives or a stumbling block to ultimate ruin.

Israel needed Christ and His righteousness. We do too. Israel had zeal for God but didn’t know Him. They didn’t let the law bring them to Christ. They worshipped the law, but they couldn’t meet all its demands. Their zeal for it only led to self-deception and pride.

The zeal of many religious people also results in pride and self-deception. They’ve invested too much in their religion to admit they’re wrong. Knowing the truth sets people free (John 8:32), not sincerity or devotion. We make more progress staggering toward the truth than sprinting any other direction.

The truth that sets us free includes confession and belief. We publicly confess Jesus is Lord. Behind confessing Him is a living, life-changing faith that obeys God and serves Him and others. Christians can keep their age and weight secret but not their faith!

To trust Jesus for salvation, people must know who He is and what He’s done. They don’t trust a stranger with their wallet or an unknown Jesus with their eternal destiny. Jesus commissions His followers to tell others who He is and bear witness to His saving power. Those who do have beautiful feet (Romans 10:15). Not everyone has a beautiful face, but every believer can have beautiful feet! Silence about Jesus isn’t golden. It’s satanic. Satan tries to minimize people’s exposure to the gospel. That’s because he knows God’s word creates faith in the hearer’s heart (Romans 10:17). Our spiritual to do list includes receiving faith righteousness as a gift and telling others how they can receive it too.

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