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His Power for Your Weakness: 260 Steps Toward Spiritual Strength


Christianity is about more than your salvation. Daniel wrote, “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever” (Daniel 12:3, NIV). This resource helps you become more like Jesus and equips you to lead others to righteousness so they can shine like the stars forever and help others do the same! That involves sharing it, including passing the challenge on and on and on. For that, you need God’s power for your weakness!

Working through His Power for Your Weakness takes about nine months. I numbered daily readings from 1–260. Do one each day. You’ll also be reading one chapter a day in the New Testament, and you’ll begin with Matthew 1. Your spiritual growth is more closely connected to your time reading and applying God’s word to your life than anything else. Dr. Thom Rainer observed, “Validated research indicates a direct correlation between daily Bible reading and discipleship as having the greatest impact. We shouldn’t be surprised that reading the word of God has a greater impact than mentoring, programs, or small group involvement.” That rings true in my own life.

Your devotional life is critical. Pro-Christ and anti-Christ forces battle for your soul. Ignoring its daily feeding has lasting consequences. Personal devotions don’t guarantee spiritual fruitfulness without obedience. But their absence guarantees a spiritual crop failure. Daily devotions are an essential part of following Jesus. There’s no substitute for first-hand spiritual experience. There’s no shortcut to Christian maturity.

God’s word is connected with cleansing (Psalm 119:9), delight (Psalm 119:16), life (1 Peter 1:23), strength (Psalm 119:28), hope (Psalm 119:81), direction (Psalm 119:105), understanding (Psalm 119:130), spiritual fruit (Matthew 13:23), stability (Matthew 24:35), sanctification (John 17:17), spiritual strengthening (Acts 20:32) and truth (Ephesians 1:13). Like a mirror, His word shows you your spiritual blemishes. It transforms your mind to think and be more like Jesus. Spiritual output is dependent on spiritual input. You’ve enough time to do God’s will daily, including inputting His word into your heart.

Choose a quiet place and a consistent time to meet with God. Spend time with Him when your mind is sharpest. Record what He’s teaching you and how you can apply it. The goal is personal transformation. Focus on what God’s word is saying about loving Him, loving those in need, loving other believers, and loving your enemies. Consider how it applies to your habits, work, witness, finances, and ministry. Choose a favorite verse from your reading. Write a personal application. Use it as a basis for prayer.

His Power for Your Weakness will help you grow spiritually through 260 devotionals and reading through the New Testament. Five pastors used it to disciple 896 people in Malawi and Mozambique in 2022.


  • OH MY! I LOVE IT! I really do. Thanks for sharing it with me. --Pastor Antoine L.

  • I have enjoyed looking through your book. I think what you have is a really wonderful resource. I find it interesting to read a chapter moving through the New Testament each day, even if it doesn't specifically tie into that day's devotional reading. --Pastor Judd S.

  • I have been reading “His Power for Your Weakness.”  I love it. I like the stories, I agree with the theology, and I enjoy how it is divided into headings and chapters. --Pastor Kim S.

  • Our church used it during their Wednesday Night Discussion Group. It got wonderful reviews. --Pastor Barbara L. M.

  • Wonderful! What a great resource! --Pastor April O.

  • It is really inspiring. People say they cannot stop reading. It has been helping us to understand God. The more we read, the more we understand the word of Almighty God. Reading your literature influenced our lives. We do it with great pleasure because it is also interesting. --Pastor Alex B. (Malawi)

  • The book relates everyday situations to Biblical scriptures. It affirms that Christ is always with us, even when we mess up. It shows that I’m not alone in making mistakes and inspires me to be better. His reference to Biblical scripture fortifies what he is saying in his book. His messages are often just what I need for something I’m going through that day. It’s a very easy read and easy to understand. I highly recommend this book. --Mary C.

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